Epic Tumbler Reviews from our Customers

Epic Tumbler Reviews from our Customers

OUR customer's reviews about  30 oz.Epic Tumbler  



By Joaquin J Elcano on April 22, 2016
Insulated tumblers are probably the coolest upgrade to the modern tumbler that has happened in a long time. I was very happy to see that less expensive versions of the Yeti are now available from other manufacturers and are just as good in quality. I purchased this insulated tumbler from Epic coolers and I feel like it is actually better that the Yeti my wife won in a raffle. I feel like the following list is the best way to describe why this is such a great tumbler that will provide service beyond what most would expect.

1. It is stainless steel so the material itself is going to make the product last a very long time.
2. It is double wall insulated which provides many benefits besides insulating.
3. The tumbler never sweats, no matter how cold the inside is. You can leave it on a desk or table without the need of a coaster.
4. The tumbler keeps ice for well over 24 hours or keeps things hot almost too long.
5. No matter the internal temperature it is always normal temperature outside.
6. This Epic tumbler has two lids, one just like the yeti. The other lid is better in my opinion because it has a top that closes. it does not seal it completely but it does help keep ice even longer.
7. lid is very easy to clean
8. bottom has weight to it which helps to keep it upright.

I received a discount for my honest review of this wonderful tumbler from epic. I thought about making a gift out of this tumbler but I liked much better than a different brand that I had been previously using. mostly because the lid is huge upgrade. I would purchase multiple of these before I would ever throw money at the $50 yeti.



This tumbler is MASSIVE!! 30 oz of what ever you're drinking..I can fill this up at night and sip on it all night and still have ice in the tumbler in the morning.One secret I have found out with these types of cups...Once you put the ice and beverage in it the ice stays longer...if I refill my beverage and don't add more ice then the ice is gone by morning..This goes for this one and other more expensive ones.. I love that this came with 2 lids and it was suppose to come with 2 straws but I forgot to order them but I already had straws. 

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  • Julie M.
    Julie M.

    I was apprehensive, but didn’t want to spend the money that other companies are asking for the same tumbler. So, I gave it a try. Put ice and water in, and seriously enjoyed how cool my water stayed on a 107 degree day! Thank you so much for a great product. I will certainly be ordering more for gifts.

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